Solo rides

Mostly nonsense. Also riding bicycles inappropriate for off road terrain, off road; GIFs

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Re: Solo rides

Post by Rolf »

JTyre wrote: Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:51 am
Rolf wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:01 pm Basically: my understanding is that our experience of life will now be indoors and electronic, save interactions with the select few with whom you choose or are obliged to cohabitate.
We are not "sheltered in place" or "locked down", Rolf.
Your response suggests you didn't realize I was overstating things for (poor) comedic effect. I can no longer be your friend. Sorry.

L3: I think Ben's on it: there's what's recommended, and then there's what's legally enforceable. I think we're permitted to gather in (carefully spaced) groups of up to 50. I think that's also discouraged.
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Re: Solo rides

Post by LouiseF »

I realize I've shifted this thread a bit since it is really about "solo rides." I think cycling BC is being really clear and I think we are all doing the right thing. I just welcome comments from all the smart and diverse perspectives in our TS cycling hive mind.
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Re: Solo rides

Post by JTyre »

Rolf wrote: Fri Apr 10, 2020 11:30 am I can no longer be your friend. Sorry.
Could you not have let me down a little more softly, Rolfie? (Especially in the middle of a global pandemic.)

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Re: Solo rides

Post by benmoore »

Louise: see my last comment above.

FWIW I think we’ve moved past the “50 person rule“ At this stage—they’re just being very careful about anything approaching a lockdown in hopes that recommendations will Be enough to drive public behaviour. Catch up on what Henry and Dix have been saying for the past week in their daily updates. They’re pretty clear with their message: stay home as much as you can, no play dates, don’t gather in groups of any size, etc.

They’ve now closed down parks and I‘d wager we’ll see further closures and new restrictions over the coming week or two as the weather improves and more people struggle with the latitude implied in “recommendations.”
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Re: Solo rides

Post by LouiseF »

Thanks Ben. I watched the updates yesterday and noticed that Dr. Henry used "family members" and "close friends" in the same sentence. It is almost like she is afraid to be too strong maybe? She leaves that door a little bit open.... I was actually waiting for a reporter to jump on it in a post-press conference write up but I don't think anyone did.

I completely agree with you that we've moved way past the 50 person rule which was why I was surprised to see it in the Victoria Buzz article last night. I know I may seem to be perseverating but I do have my reasons :D Thanks for weighing in.