Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

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Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

Post by schouten »

Weather looks dry Sunday morning! And is it just me, or has TrailForks been updated to show more blue trails in Thetis? This needs to be explored!!

I propose a Colquitz approach to Interurban, using Hector Connector to get to Francis King and then Westoby to access some new trails in Thetis:

Double Track up Scafe Hill
Scafe Descent
Stewart Mountain Rd.
Bellamy to Phelps and Out

With a return via E&N. Coffee would be nice!

This will be a rough ride. Wear a couple Chamois (and a pair of Depends for good measure), a backup helmet, and a belief that you can ride like Danny MacAskill! Here is a rough guideline but I suspect it'll be more head-scratching and consulting with TrailForks than usual. And if we see an inviting little trail, we take it!

7:00am departure from Fairbucks. Approx. 50km ride, 9/10 on the gnarly scale. 4 hours-ish?

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Re: Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

Post by Rolf »

Ahh, Ron. Your enthusiasm is so super catchy, it's like the coronavirus! 8)

I did a little scouting on foot up Scafe and Stewart about a month ago and I can say that some of the route you've got going up Scafe is a super steep push-zone where some cycling shoes may even have trouble pushing a bike uphill on the soft slopes. I think if you wrap around Bellamy a bit more to the west there's a double track up Scafe that's a lot more rideable.

I also saw that the MTB'ers have been busy on the south face of Scafe, building out a bunch of crazy, bermy lines that reminded me of Torpedo Run (if only because my experience on proper downhill MTB runs is limited!) They seemed unsupported by rock and proper foundation in many places, and may be subject to damaging erosion over time. But they looked damn fun for the time being! I'm not sure if that's what you're aiming for by saying "Scafe descent". From your route map, you may have meant coming down the north side.

In any event, enjoy the gnar with that big ol' granny gear of yours! I think we're doing a family day-trip Sunday. Or if I'm free to ride I'll probably come up with something a little cruisier... :)
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Re: Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

Post by mandreassen »

Unsurprisingly...I'm in for the gnar! Let's just not get lost....
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Re: Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

Post by LouiseF »

I won't be out tomorrow but there is a bermed downhill off Scafe (kind of Torpedo-like). I did it a few years ago on a MTB and have never had any luck finding it again (although I've tried). It is super fun! If you do find it, make sure you schedule a repeat.
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Re: Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

Post by rduncan »

Yep I'm in. See you at 7 at fairbucks.

Claire are you coming?
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Re: Sunday, Feb 16th - Double Chamois Ride

Post by Claire »

I'd like to! But I have some home-based things that need my attention, too. It'll have to be a game-day call. Don't wait for me!