Tire Recommendations

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Tire Recommendations

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Given the recent video on Spond of people sliding all over the place in last year's CrossFondo, I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on good tires to run on my CX bike. I can go up to about a 43. I've definitely suffered from the Gravel Kings-On-Slippery-Stuff problem in past editions of the Cross Fondo. Something nobbier would probably make more sense. Thoughts? Preferably something I can ride for the rest of winter as well. Thanks!

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Re: Tire Recommendations

Post by markus »

I am a pretty big fan of the WTB Resolute 700x42. Roll surprisingly fast on pavement and knobby enough to offer "some' purchase in mud.

Kind of an all-rounder. No huge weaknesses that I have noticed relative to some other tires I have ridden