Kit pickup starts today!

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Kit pickup starts today!

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Our amazing kit sorting volunteers worked all evening yesterday (even though some of them were getting up early to ride today) and were able to get over 515 pieces of kit all sorted and packaged for pickup.

When picking up your kit, you will be asked to carefully check the item numbers and design codes on your order invoice (attached to your bundled kit) with those on the physical kit pieces to make sure they match. There are some subtle differences. The most common mistakes we found (and corrected most of) were RL vs RN and WMS vs MNS, which look remarkably similar in small font. Please immediately return anything in your package that you did not order. It belongs to another member and we want to get it to them. We also think that we may have missed “Quantity: 2” on some orders because we have a few items left over.

If you still have questions and/or issues with your order, please email the club at and we will sort it out.

For those of you that ordered socks AND paid for them before last night, your socks have been bundled in with the rest of your kit. For those of you that didn’t pay for them in time, please stay tuned for an email with information on how to get your socks after you pay for them.

Two of our members have graciously offered their house as the pick up location. Please check the Spond post or your email (later today) for pick up location and instructions.

We note a few non-members ordered kit. This kit order was subsidized by Tripleshot both financially and with volunteer contributions. We also have an interest in ensuring that anyone representing us in the community has agreed to abide by our Code of Conduct and has demonstrated some commitment to the club. So before you pick up your kit, please ensure you’ve registered as a 2022 club member here.

Big thank you to everyone who helped pull this kit project together. We’re excited to see everyone on the road/trail with their new gear!